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We can help take care of your property here in the Dordogne by making the trees in your garden safer and more beautiful by either pruning or felling and can also prune any size hedge and remove any stump with our grinder.We are climbing and aerial tree work specialists and are happiest swinging around the canopy of a big tree!

If you need a professional tree service for felling or pruning works, we can complete the tree work for you with our experienced and friendly team. We are fully qualified, registered and insured. 

How can we help you

With a commitment to both your property's aesthetics and the well-being of surrounding ecosystems, we are dedicated to delivering efficient and professional tree felling services.


When a tree needs to be felled we are capable of skilfully and safely directing the tree to fall exactly where it needs to go. To do this we may use felling wedges and our 1.8t forestry winch in combination with our new 4x4 tipper. We may climb the tree ahead of felling to instal the winch line and/or remove selected branches to ensure the falling tree causes no unnecessary damage to neighbouring plants and trees or buildings in your garden.


We access the tree and climb within the canopy to carry out four main pruning tasks: crown reductions, crown thinning, crown cleaning and crown lifting.  

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Stump Grinding

We have a large self-propelled stump grinder capable of grinding multiple large diameter stumps to below ground level in a day.  This allows lawns to be reinstated or driveways/paving to be laid once the stumps have been removed.

Hedge Cutting

We specialise in lowering and straightening tall and wide hedges that may have got out of hand or simply need annual maintenance. To access the tallest hedges we may use scaffolding, 3m orchard ladders, our tree climbing ropes and harnesses or even hire a mobile elevated platform (cherry picker).


Pollarding is effectively when >30% of the canopy is removed. When done correctly and frequently, pollarding can create a valuable dense tree canopy providing essential summer shade. We recommend a re-pollarding frequency of 1-3 years as a “lapsed pollard” can result in a weak upper canopy, which may be based on poorly bonded branch unions.


We have the full complement of modern arboricultural equipment at our disposal to ensure our jobs are carried out smoothly and professionally - this includes our own 4x4 tipper, wood chipper, stump grinder, 1.8t powered forestry winch and high capacity tipping trailer.

Bracing & Safety

We have experience in installing Boa® soft cable bracing to increase tree safety safety and allow otherwise potentially dangerous trees to be retained, perhaps near houses or over driveways. This non-invasive bracing helps secure the canopy and reduces the risk and severity of future limb/stem failure.

Emergency/Storm damage

Over the years we have dealt with many fallen trees after high winds or heavy rain and snow has brought down stems or branches. This may involve skilled technical rigging, winching and climbing to safely “lift” trees off of houses and vehicles, or may involve clearing fallen trees off driveways, fences and neighbouring properties.

What clients say

    What clients say

    Jeff Gregory

    Excellent work from Finn today, reduced 2 x limes near the house in the front garden in Feb, and came back to fell a 20+ metre pine in the back garden. Perfect, no dramas, tidy, professional, and Rusty the dog to keep us entertained. Best tree surgeon in the Dordogne.

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